Have the courage to sail the sea, if you don't you'll never see what lies beyond the horizon.

Atulayan Island: The Metaphor of My Total Surrender

From Crystal Clear to Green to Blue

Nothing in this world would compete in the natural verses of ecosystem. Atulayan Island is just one of those verses I have seen that totally made my soul surrender in the calmness of its breath-taking vista. 

If you want to witness the perfect relationship of land, sky, and water. Spare some time visiting the pearl of my hometown - The Atulayan Island in Sagñay, Camarines Sur.

The episodes of your travel goals or island hopping should not end without having this island on your checked lists.

In between two open cottages

Atulayan Island is isolated among 18 more barangays in the Municipality of Sagñay. It lies in the coastal areas of Partido Reviera and one of the Philippines' white beach islands. It is a snail in an aerial view and a pregnant woman in a different angle. Depends on how it plays on your mind.

The Angle Where I Find Like a Pregnant Woman. (You can learn that myth too :)) - Too Bad I don't have a drone to take an Aerial View


If you're coming from Manila and using a private car, you can use Waze mobile app or click here for directions.

If you're a commuter, you can travel by air or by land.

By Air Transportation:
From NAIA to Naga Int'l Airport - then from Naga City, you can take a van (Php70.00 fare) or a bus (Php58.00 fare) going to Lagonoy and drop by Tigaon. From Tigaon, there are tricycles going to Nato Wharf for Php10.00 per head fare.

By Land Transportation:
From Cubao, take a bus going to Lagonoy and drop by Tigaon. You can also take a bus going to Naga and another bus from Naga going to Lagonoy and drop by Tigaon. From Tigaon, tricycles are available going to Nato Wharf.

From Nato Wharf, you can make an arrangement with the locals for a boat.

During our trip, we paid Php1,300.00 for a back and forth ride good for 12 pax (9 adults, 3 children). A life jacket will be given for safety. You can enjoy the view of mountains and relaxing open sea for a 30-minute ride going to the Island.

The Nato Wharf
The Docking Station Along Nato Wharf

The Trip


The Arrival
The locals offer cottages from Php500.00 - Php1,000.00 for a day stay rate and from Php1,000.00 - Php1,600.00 for an overnight stay (rate varies on the cottage of your choice). They would also ask for an additional Php20.00 - Php50.00 for environmental sanitation. They maintain the cleanliness of the Island as it is an attraction to most of us and a home for the locals.

There's also a small variety store that sell junk foods, soda, homemade ice candy, and the like. Public rest rooms are available too for a minimal fee.

Some of the Open Cottages in the Island


Whenever I will be into an Island hopping, I always take that as if I am invading another dimension. I want to feel that I am far away from the stress of life and escape reality for a day.

When I was in the Island I've seen so much realizations. I was like a bird that freed itself from hunters and flew without fear and terror.

In my discernment to understand the metaphor in my mind, I want to descry the obscurity of this Island.

The water is gracefully dancing like a million crystal in the blue desert. It is designed by the Almighty to be the mirror of mountains and sky. I've heard the whisper of an angel in my ears as the breeze touched my skin. The sound of tiny waves are like music to me. The abstraction of rocks in the other side of the shore interfuse the waves and brings tranquillity and calmness in my heart.

"The nature has its own way to reveal its beauty."

Bury Me Alive: The Sand Massage
The Rocky Side of the Island
"Feel the vibration of your inner self and find out what makes you happy, then live with it your whole life."

"Find color from emptiness."

Being in this island is a total surrender for me because I let the intervention of nature in my core provide me satisfaction and wholesome joy. And yes, I have made my surrender when I got here. Will you?

"Have the courage to sail the sea, if you don't you'll never know what lies beyond the horizon."

Would there be any questions?

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