Have the courage to sail the sea, if you don't you'll never see what lies beyond the horizon.


The Author

If there is something we want in life, we will surely do anything possible to have it fall slowly in our hands. That is what I believe as a dreamer. I have prided myself with the goals I intensively desired to meet. There are so many things in my journal that I would love putting check marks on. I want to enjoy the only life I have in this planet. I want to become the man I always dream to be. I take risks for it is like stepping closer to my dreams. I seek for opportunities for it is a metaphoric sped arrow that will never come back. I accept criticisms for it is a guide in travelling a distant ambition. I wander to find a greener pasture. I neglect rubbish adversaries because it is a gravity that will drag me off the track. I love because this is the gift of birth I know could conquer all. I forgive to embrace the reality that noone’s perfect. I apologize to admit that I have flaws. And I live to know the real sense of living.

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