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1st Colonial: Bicol Twists and Delicacies

The taste of "lutong bahay" and bicol's local delicacies has always been my favorite. I am also into cooking and I manage to experiment my own blend of dishes which I will soon publish. Though I have that craving to try unique dishes in the world, I would always go back to glutton the authentic bicolano recipes.

I was hanging out with my sister and we've seen this restaurant called 1st Colonial based in SM Naga. This is an authentic fine dining bicol restaurant and serves variety of bicolano delicacies. This has been featured in a TV program because of its unique "sili ice cream".

So, we made a reservation and got a table instantly. I like the ambience. It wasn't so crowded. The colossal painting of Mt. Mayon hanging in the wall caught my attention too. The crew were accommodating and friendly. Attitude matters to me, so it was a good catch. We were served water and utensils while waiting for the order (10-20 minutes serving time). From then on, this has been our comfort zone whenever we need a break.
We both love seafoods so we tried the following dishes:

Sinigang na Hipon

Hot soup served in a nice bowl. It tastes really fresh like you've gone back to the sea. The serving is good for three persons but we devoured all of it. It's not so sour nor salty. Every sip gives me a soothing relief as if I am just eating at home.

Tinapa Rice

It is served in a pan which I find seemly ravishing. It has a smokey taste because of the tinapa (smoked fish). This is a bit comparable to the famous Chao Fan because you can eat this alone. It is topped with tinapa, salted egg, tomato, indian mango, and onion leeks. This serving is good for 3-4 persons so we had a take out (lol).

Grilled Mussels

It was served in a sizzling plate arranged symmetrically like a widely opened tail of peacock. It was topped with cheese, garlic, and onion leeks. It is tender, juicy, and fresh. The cheesy taste and garlic blends in with the mussel and every bite feels like an explosion of a thousand flavors inside my mouth. This is my favorite so far.

Sisig na Pusit

This one is a solo meal served with rice and kamote flakes. Unlike other Sisig, this one is different. It has the blend of vinegar, bell pepper, ginger, chili, the option of lime, and spices that I couldn't name anymore. At a very affordable price, I have tasted the fusion of an unusual treat.

Halaan Soup

This seafood soup is a combination of sweet corn, ginger, chili leaves, white onion, and clams. This has the taste of tinola with a twist. There's something in the soup that's making me crave for more. This soup is a big check to be added on my favorites.

Sili Ice Cream

This is the kind of ice cream that will make you crave for more scoops. The spicy kick of chili flavor which conflates in the sweet blend of this cold treat is paradise. I think they used coconut milk in this ice cream which is more creamy and luscious. You have the option to decide for the level of your ice cream from level 1 to the level of volcanic eruption. This dessert is the synthesis of fire and ice melting together in your mouth. If you got to visit bicol, complete your trip by tasting some of our native treats. Doing such is also learning different culture and practices. Give it a bite! Have you ever tried the local delicacies in your own native land? If you do, let me know how was it and why should I try it in the comment box below.



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