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Five Things I Have Learned and Valued Most During My Leadership

In one school year of service as the President of Student Council in my department, I have acquired so much learnings and I want to share these learnings to everyone who also aspire to be a leader.

1. Let the flower bloom.

Never force a flower to open its petals, you will never see the work of its pigments. The more you force a flower to bloom, the more you expose it to its demise. I have seen a flower bloom, it blooms amazingly. It spreads it's petals slowly as it sways in the wind of judgement. Many were shocked about the colors it possess. Many have suspected it. But very few understands it's waiting. Waiting for a butterfly to accept it's color. I will miss this flower who offered all its nectar to an unknown butterfly.

2. Don't sing with the rhythm all the time.

Sometimes, you might think that it's perfect singing with the rhythm. However, the worst feeling is to think that you're in the right track when your actually not. Learn to criticize the notes. Choose the best song. Sing what is best for your audience's ears. Never what is best for you alone.

3. Appreciate the goodness of strangers.

There are people who will lend their hands to help you, but very few will stay until the end of tomorrow. I have witnessed the goodness of strangers. Unexpectedly, I felt that I was loved. Thank you.

4. Learn to eat your hated food.

You should learn to eat the most unpleasant and bad tasting foods. If you did not, you will always vomit. Vomiting isn't good, especially when people sees you. Condition your stomach to accept all the food you intake unintentionally. I have eaten exotic foods which made me vomit. And I regret it. There are more of it just waiting to be served. Learn to eat it. Sometimes it's a blessing in disguise. Who knows, it might grow your abs.

5. Never tell yourself you lose, when you know you never get into the battle.

Expectations sometimes are your greatest opponent. You might felt you lose because you expect to be on top. Expect less and do more. Have the passion to serve and consider it your greatest consolation. You will always know if it is a playground or a battlefield. If it is a playground, then enjoy every single moment, cherish it, and keep it fresh forever. If it is a battlefield, then fight, do your best, and don't give up. You will only lose if you give up. If you didn't, your death will never conclude the victory of the other side, because you fought until the end.



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