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Rai Rai Ken: Spending Minutes in Japan

I've been into different Japanese restaurants and have tried some of their delectable kickshaws. Years ago when I lived in the metro I would always take out an order of sushi or a ramen or both so I have something to eat when I got into my apartment.

So today, I got an event to cover and waiting isn't my thing specially when I got hit by the arrows of starvation. So instead of waiting for the girls and standing like a security guard in the spa, I roam around the mall and got an eyeball in a Japanese restaurant called "Rai Rai Ken". I checked their menu and a waitress approached and offered me a meal for a soloist. A Ramen and a California Maki are perfect match for me so I accepted the suggested meal and secured a table. As I sit, I was served with Iced Tea (which I ordered too), water, spoon and fork, and chopsticks.

While waiting for my order, I made myself busy taking photos of the place. The lights are classy, it wasn't crowded, and I felt comfortable. I also noticed the chef wearing a traditional Japanese Yukata that made me feel like I'm in Japan. In just six minutes, the suffering of my hungry breadbasket would finally end. Fast service is an additional appeal for me.

It was served in a stately Japanese Lacquer tray which I want to take home (lol). Yeah! I just have that deep attraction with Japanese Platters and stuff. The meal comes with California Maki, Mini Ramen, and a bowl of coleslaw.

I took photos then decoupled the chopsticks and started eating. I picked up a pinch of wasabi, coated a part of sushi, dipped, then finally tasted the breeze of the land of the rising sun.

These 10 pieces California Maki are arranged horizontally symmetrical in a square plate like a straitened Great Wall of China. Each is topped with a mini hill of mayo. Every bite is a travelling flavor of grains and spices.

Then I took a sip of the hot soup of ramen with a duck spoon and it's a perfect match indeed. Every strand of noodles plus a bite of a tender pork is heaven. It's an overflowing falls of savory running down my throat.

Mixing the coleslaw with its dressing gives me excitement as its texture tells it's a fresh harvest from farm. And it really is. The crunchiness I felt and mouth-watering crisp of carrots and cabbage that blends in with the mayo is really satisfying. And that little amount of veggies in a saucer dressed with vinegar is similitude with Tagalog Atchara and I like the battling tastes of sweet, sour, and salty.

For the bill of Php 309.00, I've had a great time spending minutes in Japan. I felt really productive than waiting inside the spa (lol). I've used my time well and had a happy tummy.

We'll surely meet again!


  1. Your site have improved a lot from the 1st time I opened it. I love your photos

  2. wow. looks really good. great writing.



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